Tension Control System

For many companies, it is often the case that one or more of their existing machines have Web Tension Control Systems which are often described as outdated, inaccurate, inoperable or crude. Even so, the work and expense involved to upgrade these systems is off putting.

We also understand that top of the range solutions is not what most people are looking for, not actually needing the high level functionality or, often more importantly, being able to justify the cost involved. Our service aims to provide the customer with a system that meets the customers’ requirements at the most economical cost.

Antech Converting Solutions offer several Tension Control system solutions that can be easily retrofitted to ANY existing machine unwinding or winding operations, including Differential shafts. Requiring only a single 240v AC supply and in some cases an additional single 6 bar air supply. Antech Solutions take care of everything else providing a system that can be simply bolted in place, we can even take care of this should you wish.

Montalvo Tension Control Systems

Montalvo’s controllers for their Web Tension Control Systems are the easiest in the industry to set up, calibrate, and operate while still offering a full range of features designed to make your process more productive, while allowing you to simply Set It & Forget It. Whilst their torque control equipment offers an open loop control system giving you a precise, reliable tension reference that operators can use to ensure consistent and high-quality production runs.

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Boschert Easywind Tension Control System

Boschert Easywind Tension Control Equipment

Our most popular and simplest Tension control system is our off the shelf Boschert EZ Wind system. This system is designed to work with either:-

  • Pneumatic Brake for Unwinding
  • Pneumatic Clutch
  • Differential Air Shaft for Winding.

All of the solutions can also be supplied to suit your application by Antech.

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Load Cell Tension Control System

Tension Control System - Antech

The final step up is to a Bespoke Load Cell Tension Control type system. This system can be configured to work with either pneumatic brake or clutches. Alternatively, with electrical brake or clutch and motors for unwinding or Winding.

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