New Ultra-Lightweight Extruded Air Shaft

Lightweight_Air-ShaftFollowing the continued success of Rimor’s 3” Ultra-Lightweight Extruded Airshaft, Rimor have released a new design, the 2009 Series. Compared to its predecessor, the re-designed extrusion improves rigidity whilst also reducing the overall shaft weight by utilising our latest journal design. A typical 1000mm long 2003 Series Airshaft would amass to 8.3kg, however, the new 2009 Series Airshaft would weigh in at 6.6kg, providing a weight reduction of over 20%! The 2009 Series 3” Ultra-Lightweight Airshaft is particularly useful in the packaging industry where the reduced shaft weight allows heavier reels to be used thus extending time between changeovers. The high strength design also reduces the need for expensive Carbon Fibre Airshafts in certain applications. The new design compliments our range of Lightweight Con-Ex Extruded Airshafts suitable for 3”, 4” and 6” ID cores.