Montalvo Sensors

Montalvo offers a variety of high-performance sensors to meet your web converting needs. Each type of sensors is different based on the application, and we have specialists can answer questions and determine the best sensor for you.


DPS Dancer Position Sensor/Inclinometer:

No wearing parts so zero maintenance. Say goodbye to complicated time-consuming dancer/rider arm potentiometers with the DPS. Utilising the latest sensor technology, the DPS is a micro-electric, none wearing part system responds quickly and accurately to any changes in the dancer’s position.  Click Here for more information.

LS5 Laser Sensor:

Simple to install and calibrate, with flexible mounting options, the LS5 Laser provides maximum sensing capabilities in any situation. Designed to detect short and long ranges while remaining highly stable, the LS5 provides the constant feedback you require for accurate, quality diameter. Click Here for more information.

TS Torque Sensor:

The TS Torque Sensor provides force (torque) feedback directly from Montalvo tension brake V or CS series, eliminating the need for a tension sensing roller using load cells or a dancer. The TS is at the heart of Montalvo’s latest open loop tension control innovation. Click Here for more information.

US4 Ultrasonic Sensor:

Simple set up and calibration combined with extended range, advanced temperature compensation, and an IP67 rating ensures the US4 delivers greater accuracy and performance. Click Here for more information.


Built to last and built to perform. Montalvo’s Dancer Potentiometer provides precise and accurate signal feedback to the slightest changes in the dancer’s position to optimize performance and increase profitability. Click Here for more information.

Load Cells:

High quality tension control starts with a high quality tension control signal. Montalvo’s strain gauge load cells offer industry leading sensitivity to detect the slightest changes in tension, minimizing waste and maximizing your amount of high quality end product. Click Here for more information.