Hot Cut Knife Holders


Hot cutting knifeholder with 15,7 mm width, suitable where space envelops are tight and working temperature are not extreme. The bonderized blade bearing provides an optimal life at indicated operating temperature.

• Width: 15,7 mm
• Stroke: 16 mm
• Blade: 50 mm
• Max Temperature: 300 °C


Knifeholder particularly indicated in application where it is not only required to cut but also to “bend” and/or to weld materials.

• Width: 12,7 mm
• Stroke: 16 mm
• Blade: runner
• Max Temperture: 300 °C


It is the most robust and highes performance in our hot cutting knifeholders portfolio. Thanks to its design can withstand to extreme working conditions.

• Width: 60 mm
• Stroke: 25 mm
• Blade: 60 mm
• Max Temperature: 600 °C