Bottom Knives


Property technology based on a special support where a synthesized steel (HSS) ring is mounted, and can be removed directly from the shaft through an Omega “cut” specifically designed. The ring allows for a dual side usage with a lifetime over 4 times the normal steel saving of the anvil support.

Ø Ext. : Min 110 mm – Max 360 mm
Ø Int. : Min 85 mm – Max 300 mm
Materials : HSS ring

• Max Temperature: 300 °C

Click Here for a Youtube video showing the advantages of this Bottom Knife System >>


Three types available from stock:
– F.L.C. “free lock” for shaft or locked together
– S.L.C. “self locking” with eccentric ring locking, to simplify the locking operation through an easy rotation of the anvil on the shaft itself.
– M.L. “multi lock” with hose clamp and thread, unlike traditional anvils with thread locking, in the ML system the thread does not come out from the inside of the anvil (avoiding the damage of the shaft surface), and locks the bottom knife tightening the harmonic steel clamps on the whole surface, guaranteeing a self-centring and maintaining the right balance of the shaft.

Ø Ext. : Min 60 mm – Max 180 mm
Ø Int. : Min 40 mm – Max 150 mm
Materials : 100 Cr6