Haehne Load Cells & Force Sensors

HAEHNE have designed and manufactured a complete range of Tension Force Sensor equipment since 1977. Their range consists of force sensor, strain gauge amplifier and PID controllers especially for drive controls of unwind and rewind machines for various materials. The loadcells, hardware & software are all of their own design, therefore allowing them to control their quality and adherence to the latest standards. Alongside our Air Shafts, Safety Chucks & Brake systems, we are able to offer Haehne products to supply a complete Web Tension Control solution. Click Here for further information on our Tension Control Solutions

Click on the following links which will take you to Haehne’s Website for further information on each of the items:-

Visit Haehne’s website for further details of the premium products that they offer, or Contact Us for more information. Alternatively visit the Direct Industry website for their catalogues and additional information.