Differential Friction Rings & Shafts Overview

Friction Rings76mm Differential Winding Shaft

What are Differential Friction Rings & Differential Friction Shafts?

Differences in material thickness and winding tension often arise when rewinding foils, laminates, plastics and other materials. When rewinding smaller rolls on the same rewind shaft these variations can result in different lengths and tension. After only a few rotations, the centre of some small rolls may be too tight, while others are looser, making the quality of the end product unacceptable.

A Differential Rewind Friction Shaft overcomes these issues by maintaining proper tension on all rolls throughout the winding operation. This ensures the web material does not sag, stretch, or tear and the rolls are uniformly wound. In order to perform the constant “slip differential” function, the centre shaft is required to rotate at a higher rate than the Differential Friction Rings. All of the cores are required to slip continuously, however, some will slip more than others in order to maintain the same tension. Control of the slippage and the web tension is achieved by varying the air supply to the centre shaft, so a constant air supply needs to be available, ideally between 20 and 60 psi (1 – 4 Bar). As the roll size increase during the winding process, the speed of the Differential Shaft needs to be decreased in order to maintain the same over speed rate.

Friction Rings

The Friction Rings are available in a very wide variety of diameters from 50mm Diameter up to over 400mm Diameter. The Inside diameter of the Friction Rings depends on the diameter of shaft which you currently used, and in most instances we can supply the rings to suit your existing shaft. For more information of our range of Friction Shaft Rings then Click Here.

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