Boschert Sliding Safety Chuck

Boschert SKO 22-30 VT1 Sliding Safety ChuckBoschert Axial Sliding Safety Chucks makes it easy to position the roll for correct alignment of the web into your machine. The operation is done by simply turning the handle on the rear of the driver unit (SKO/SKO-F) to align axially before and during operation. The Adjustment of the Chucks can also be done through a motor drive.

Boschert makes Axial Sliding Safety Chucks in four popular sizes capable of handling rolls as heavy as 2800kgs and torques as high as 1100Nm.

The Sidelay Safety Chuck are supplied as the VT type configuration, in either Pedestal or Flange Mounting, with all the same available features as in the standard Chucks, but with the option of 50mm or 100mm of sideways movement

Features include:-

  • Pedestal Pillow Block & Flange mounting available for all chucks
  • Large range of Chucks available for a wide variety of load and speed conditions
  • Standard or bespoke backshafts for different brake and drive requirements
  • Specialist options including Automatic Inflation,
  • Available in Square Journals – VT1 & VT2, Triangular – VT6 & Square/Round – VT7
  • CAD Drawings are available upon request in STEP and AutoCAD format
  • Replaceable inserts minimize cost of ownership and ensure long term optimal performance


Table of Chuck Sizes Available
 Type  Max. Beam
weight (kg)
Torque (Nm) Square
SK22-30 800 180 22-30
SK30-40 1400 300 30-40
SK40-50 2800 1100 40-50
Chuck Styles

Boschert Sliding Safety Chucks are only available in VT Style of Chucks.
The Chucks are available in Square Journals – VT1 & VT2, Triangular – VT6 & Square/Round – VT7

VT Chuck Inserts

Boschert Brochures

Click Here for Boschert Sliding Safety Chuck Brochure


Laser Alignment

Misalignment of the Sliding Safety Chucks is the greatest cause of wear and vibration issues in a Safety Chuck setup. To combat this, we offer Laser Alignment Equipment which is either available for purchase, or we offer a service where one of our Boschert trained Engineers visits your site to troubleshoot your vibration or wear issues on Safety Chucks with VT inserts.