Boschert Safety Chucks

Boschert Safety Chucks & Brakes

With the invention of the Safety Chuck over 60 years ago, the Boschert name has become synonymous with the product. The Boschert Safety Chuck is renowned as the industry standard and continues to set the quality and benchmark for producers and machinery suppliers alike. Boschert Chucks can be supplied to suit many different shaft end configurations, with a range suitable for square shaft ends from 14mm to 230mm. These can be in either Pedestal or Flange mounting, to suit every individual requirement.

Boschert VT6 Safety Chucks

Boschert Fixed Safety Chucks

Boschert offer 2 styles of Fixed Safety Chuck: the Boschert C Chuck, which has become the industry standard, and the VT style Chucks with replaceable inserts. Both designs of chuck are available in Pillow Block Pedestal & Flange Mounting configuration.
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Boschert VT1 Sliding Safety Chucks

Boschert Sidelay Sliding Chucks

Boschert Sidelay Chucks are designed to be adjusted axially, allowing the web to be aligned sideways during operation. The Sidelay Safety Chuck is supplied with VT Inserts, in either Pedestal or Flange Mounting, with all the same features as the Fixed Chucks, but with the option of 50mm or 100mm of sideways movement. This axial adjustment is made by turning the handle on one chuck with the other chuck able to adjust axially to align the roll.
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Boschert P Series Automatic Safety Chucks

Boschert Automatic Chucks

Boschert Automatic Safety Chucks are designed for all manufacturing processes which require little or no operator presence. By turning a switch the Chucks are either opened or closed, without the need for an operators intervention.
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