Boschert Safety Chucks – Fixed

         Boschert STO 22-30 C ChuckBoschert FLW 40-50 VT7 Safety Chuck

Boschert Safety Chucks are the industry standard chuck offering a high quality product, manufactured to the highest specification at an economical price. Safety Chucks offer a self-closing mechanism to ensure safe usage should the operator overlook the closure of the chuck. These versatile Chucks offer many advantages and features:-

  • Pedestal Pillow Block & Flange mounting available for all chucks
  • Large range of Chucks available for a wide variety of load and speed conditions
  • Standard or bespoke backshafts for different brake and drive requirements
  • Handwheel locks for turret winders.
  • Specialist options including Automatic Inflation,
  • CAD Drawings are available upon request in STEP and AutoCAD format
C Style Boschert Safety Chucks:-
  • Chromed handwheel
  • Rubber finger guard
  • Hardened Square pocket
VT Style Safety Chuck:-
  • Replaceable inserts minimize cost of ownership and insure long term optimal performance
  • Available in Square Journals – VT1 & VT2, Triangular – VT6 & Square/Round – VT7
  • Unique VT7 Insert design for high speed and high load applications, which minimizes vibration
Table of Chuck Sizes Available
Type Maximum Beam weight (kg) Torque (Nm) Square
Dimensions (mm)
Mini 150 40 14 – 20
19-25 400 120 19 – 25
22-30 800 180 22 – 30
30-40 1,600 350 30 – 40
40-50 2,800 1,100 40 – 50
50-80 7,000 2,350 50 – 80
80-120 12,000 10,000 80 – 120
120-180 22,000 20,000 120 – 180
170-230 64,000 41,000 170 – 230
Chuck Styles

Boschert Fixed Safety Chucks are available in 2 Styles:-

Classic C Style Chucks, which are supplied without replaceable inserts and only available to suit square ends in the U Format (Like VT1 Insert)

VT Style Chucks, which are available in Square Journals – VT1 & VT2, Triangular – VT6 & Square/Round – VT7


Boschert Brochures

Click Here for the Boschert 19-25 Safety Chuck Brochure

Click Here for the Boschert 22-30 Safety Chuck Brochure

Click Here for the Boschert 30-40 Safety Chuck Brochure

Click Here for the Boschert 40-50 Safety Chuck Brochure

Click Here for the Boschert 50-80 Safety Chuck Brochure

Laser Alignment

Misalignment of the Boschert Safety Chucks is the greatest cause of wear and vibration issues in a Safety Chuck setup. To combat this, we offer Laser Alignment Equipment which is either available for purchase, or we offer a service where one of our Boschert trained Engineers visits your site to troubleshoot your vibration or wear issues on Safety Chucks with VT inserts.

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