Boschert Roll & Web Tension Control Unit

The Boschert Roll Web Tension Control Unit is designed to work with either a Pneumatic Brake for unwinding or pneumatic clutch or Differential Air shaft for Winding. All of which can also be supplied to suit the application by Antech Solutions, should they be needed.

The system simply measures the diameter of the material roll using an Ultra Sonic sensor located within sight of the roll. This measurement is then translated into an appropriate proportional air pressure controlling the Brake or Clutch torque.

Setting of the desired tension is achieved with a simple dial on the front of the control unit.

Quick and simple installation, once the Control box is mounted (4 bolts) simply connect a 240v Ac supply, connect a 6-bar air supply using the 6mm Nylon push fitting and run a 6mm Nylon air line to the Brake, clutch or Differential air shaft. Locate the pre-connected sensor using the bracket provided and the system is ready to go.

Due to the off the shelf nature of this system, free trials can also be arranged!

Advantages of using Boschert’s Plug & Play Roll Web Tension Control Unit:-
•    Plug & Play – Easy Installation
•    Easy to use & low maintenance
•    Constant Web Tension regardless of diameter
•    No need for follower arm roller
•    Can be used on high speed operations.

The unwinding and rewinding process is controlled utilising the Boschert Tension Control Unit as follows:-


Easy Wind: Standard solution for one roll
Easy Wind Twin: For 2 rolls (2 sensors, one control unit)
Easy Wind Sensitive: Each brake calliper can be shut on or off individually

Technical Data

Control unit (W x H x D): 300 x 300 x 120 mm
Sensor: 88 x 30 x 65 mm
Connection values : 230 V / 50 Hz / 30 W
Compressed air : max. 7 bar filtered 0,3 μm
Output pressure: max. 5 bar
Roll/lap/reel-Ø: max. 1600 mm
Enclosure protection level: IP54

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