Boschert Automatic Safety Chucks

A80 FLO Automatic Safety Chuck with VT2 Insert

Boschert P40 STO Auto Chuck with VT2 Insert

Boschert Automatic Safety Chucks & Pneumatic Safety Chucks are designed to improve safety and reduce setup time in operations where Safety Chucks are required.

The Chucks come in 2 categories: the P Series & A Series. The P Series are predominantly designed for new installations where Automatic Safety Chucks are to be designed into a new system, whilst the A Series are designed for a cost-effective retrofit of Fixed Manual Safety Chucks. Remote opening and closing reduces the need for operatives, while redundant mechanical safety locks prevent opening while in operation or in case of electrical or pneumatic failure.

This type of Safety Chuck is designed for all manufacturing processes that require little or no operator presence and ensures maximum safety. The Safety Chucks can be supplied with Proximity sensors which will indicate:

  • The loading position
  • If Chuck is open
  • If Chuck is closed

Features Include:-

  • Pedestal Pillow Block & Flange mounting available for all chucks.
  • Opens and Closes Pneumatically
  • All switches and functions are safely integrated into the compact body of the Chuck.
  • The chuck safely holds the shaft, transmits the torque, opens and closes automatically, and indicates if it is open or closed.
  • It has an additional mechanical lock to ensure safety, even if all of the electrical systems fail.
  • CAD Drawings are available upon request in STEP and AutoCAD format
Table of Chuck Sizes Available
Type Max. Beam
weight (kg)
Torque (Nm) Square
Dimensions (mm)
A40 1600 350 40
A50 2800 1100 50
A80 7000 2350 80
P30 800 180 30
P40 1600 350 40
P50 2800 1100 50


Chuck Styles

Boschert Automatic & Pneumatic Safety Chucks are only available in the VT Style of Chucks. They are available in VT2, VT6 & VT7 for A Series and VT2 & VT7 for P series.

Boschert Brochures

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Laser Alignment

Misalignment of the Safety Chucks is the greatest cause of wear and vibration issues in a Safety Chuck setup. To combat this, we offer Laser Alignment Equipment which is either available for purchase, or we offer a service where one of our Boschert-trained Engineers can visit your site to troubleshoot your vibration or wear issues on Safety Chucks with VT inserts.