Shafts & Chucks

Airshafts & Chucks
Copy of Strip Airshaft - Rotating Journal
Air Chuck +Centering Ring
Air Core Chucks
Differential Rewind Air Shafts
Sidelay Airshaft2
Lightweight Packaging Air Shafts

Safety Chucks
Boschert STW 22-30 with VT1 Insert
Boschert Fixed Safety Chucks
Boschert SKO 22-30 VT1 Sliding Safety Chuck
Boschert Sidelay Sliding Safety Chucks
Boschert P40 STO Auto Chuck with VT2 Insert
Boschert Automatic Safety Chucks
Boschert Brakes

Differential Winding

Differential Rewind Air Shafts

Differential Friction Rings

Bowed Spreader Rollers

Bowed Roller1

Bowed Spreader Rollers

Carbon Fibre Reelshaft-Group

Reelshafts & Rollers

Mechanical & Pneumo Mechanical Chucks

Mechanical Chuck3

Torque Activated Mechanical Chucks

PneumoMechanical Chuck1

Pneumo/Mechanical Chucks

Mechanical Dual Chuck1

Axial Side Pressure Chucks


Tiltlock Core Bar Chucks

Spare Parts

Rubber Lugs

Airshaft Valves

Airshaft Hoses

Inflator Guns

Airshaft Parts
Mario Cotta Knife Products
Stripshaft Lugs

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