Alum-a-lift Lifting Devices

Alum-A-Lift is a manufacturer of custom built, ergonomic lifting devices (battery powered and motor driven) for loads up to 900kg (2000lbs) and 3m (10ft) high. Alum-A-Lift also specializes in portable & transportable lifts.

All lifts are configured to a customer’s application to solve ergonomic lifting problems and assist in preventing back injury. Alum-A-Lift replaces those heavy, outdated lifts with light-weight, manoeuvrable aluminium ones that are compliant to various Health & Safety Standards requirements.
Alum-A-Lift has been tested & certified for use in class 100 clean rooms.
A wide range of custom job related tooling is also available.


Alum-a-Lift Lifting DevicesUnlike single mast designs, Alum-A-Lift constructions can withstand considerable off-centre loads. Stabilizers allow such loads and precision alignment. When heavy loads are specified, affected construction elements are subjected to stress, strain and deflection analyses (F.E.A.).
Footprints are calculated to assure compliance with stability criteria. Construction complies with all known applicable standards and each lift is thoroughly tested to perform its intended tasks prior to shipment.

Alum-a-Lift Reel Turner/LifterMost models come with built-in, variable limit switches to define upper and lower elevations. If the load is sensitive or expensive, redundant systems are used. In contrast to some lift makes, 12 volts are applied to motors rated at 12 volts and 24 volts to 24 volt motors. Batteries are readily accessed and are easily replaced when required.

Alum-A-Lift is received ready to run after connecting its battery. Maintenance manuals, operating instructions, safety procedures, tool kits and the approved lubricant accompany each lift.

Lift commissioning and training programs, if required, are conducted by either factory trained representatives or by our design engineers.

For further information on Alum-A-Lift capabilities please visit If you require an Alum-A-Lift trained representative to assess your lift requirements within the UK, then please contact Antech Converting via our contact page and we will get back to you as soon as we can.