Coast All Air Web Guides

Coast Controls manufactures the world’s only automatic web guiding system that operates entirely on plant air.

No electricity! No electronics! No hydraulics!

Easy to install and simple to operate, these systems are remarkably accurate and extremely responsive.
That’s why so many different converting applications today use Coast Controls web guides.

Plus, every All-Air web guide is backed by an unprecedented 10-Year Warranty … and every web guiding application is guaranteed to the customer’s complete satisfaction.

There are 3 basic types of Web Guiders Applications

Steering Guides

Typically used in applications with long, free-entering spans such as extrusion lines, drying ovens, envelope manufacturing, etc.

Displacement Guides

Typically positioned where there are space limitations and web accuracy is needed prior to a converting process (printing, slitting, laminating, coating, etc.)

Unwind & Rewind Guides

Typically used to achieve web alignment by moving or shifting a rewind/unwind stand

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