Air Shafts & Air Chucks

For over 35 years, Antech Converting / Rimor Converting have manufactured Air Shafts, Air Mandrels and Air Bars for the Converting and Packaging Industries. The Airshafts that Antech Converting produce are all manufactured to suit the customers’ requirements and can be designed with special features such as Sidelay movement, Trapper bars for coreless applications, Button Air Shaft and many other specialised features. Please give us a call for more information, or fill in our Airshaft Datasheet and return to us for a quotation.

Strip Airshaft - Rotating Journal

Air Shafts

Air Shafts are available to suit core sizes from 11mm up to over 300mm in Steel, Aluminium and Carbon Fibre and can be produced in various different designs to suit your requirements
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152mm Stripchuck

Air Core Chucks

Air Chucks are useful when a larger core is needed to be wound without the need for a completely new Air Bar. We supply a wide range of different designs to choose from to meet your requirements.
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Differential Rewind Air Shafts

Differential Shafts are designed to be easy to use and relatively maintenance free, ensuring the highest winding quality, even when rewinding very narrow rolls – down to 14 mm in width.
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Sidelay Airshaft2

Lightweight Packaging Air Shaft

Our Packaging Air Shafts are specially designed for lightweight applications where shaft weight is crucial.  These shafts are generally produced to be suitable for caustic wash down in food preparation areas.
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