Lay Flat Hoses

Layflat Hoses in Polyurethane or Nitrile Rubber

Layflat Air Shaft Hose, used for Strip Type Airshafts, is available in either Polyurethane or Black Rubber in a wide range of sizes and will be suitable for other manufacturers Stripshafts.

Part No. Height (mm) Width (mm) Type Material
DT10725/10T2.510Translucent Layflat HosePolyurethane
415Translucent Layflat HosePolyurethane
415Black Rubber Layflat HoseNitrile
517Translucent Layflat HosePolyurethane
519Translucent Layflat HosePolyurethane
520Translucent Layflat HosePolyurethane
DT10725/20B520Black Rubber Layflat HoseNitrile
DT10725/26T526Translucent Layflat HosePolyurethane

Airshaft Round Hose

Airshaft Bladder Hose

Click Here for our wide selection of Air Shaft Bladder Hose which can be supplied in almost any size to suit your requirements