Differential Rewind Shafts

76mm Differential Shaft-5

Antech’s range of Differential Shafts are designed to be easy to use and relatively maintenance free, ensuring the highest winding quality, even when rewinding very narrow rolls – down to 9mm in width. The Cores are gripped by Friction Rings which run on a central Hard Chromed shaft, with a relatively low coefficient of friction over which the friction rings can rotate. The tension ranges of the shafts can be varied by changing the expanding strip material of the centre shaft, which provides the slippage. By designing the rings to slip internally, common issues have been eliminated in comparison to other designs of Differential Rewind Shafts.

    NO core dust in the mechanism.
    Cores can be reused
    Sideway slippage eliminated
    Positive expansion and retraction to a consistent diameter
    Duplex and multiple tension applications
    High load carrying capacity

Antech can supply Differential Shafts & Differential Friction Rings in sizes ranging from 1″ Diameter up to 16″ Diameter and hold some standard sizes in stock for a faster delivery.

Click here for more information about reasons for using Differential Shafts.

Shafts can be linked to a Web tension control system which can be supplied by Antech.  Click here to see our Web Tension Control systems.