Airshaft Accessories

Small Stripshaft Clamps

Small Stripshaft Clamps

Clamps for Stripshafts with 10mm Layflat Hose


Tyre Chuck Spare Tyre

Tyre for Tyre Chuck

Various sizes available to fit Tyre Chucks

Air Inlet Brass Buttons

Air Inlet Button

Brass Button for various sizes of Layflat Hose

98111 Protective Strip

Used to protect Layflat Hose in Stripshaft

Various Split Clamps

Split Clamps

Suitable for customer specified shaft diameter in Aluminium or Nylon

98059 Split Clamp

Male / female adaptor

Airshaft Cast Clamps

DS11845 Con-ex Pocket Clamps

Clamps to fit into older style Stripshafts

Airshaft Hose Clamps

Large Stripshaft Clamps

Clamps for 15/17mm wide Layflat Hose